Never Grow Up / Ne Grandis Pas

Client: KRAK XR, Le Labo
Role: Project and team development
When: 2021
Where: Toronto, ON

Do you remember your favourite games you liked to play as a kid?  Never Grow Up celebrates traditional children’s games, enciting re-discovery through a series of whimsical immersive puzzles.

But you are not alone. A demanding sidekick cries for your attention and care. This creature will be your companion, antagonist, and nemesis. Time is limited as slime invades the scene while you solve the challenges.

After a stressful first round, shapeshifting wormholes give you a chance to replay the same scenes by changing roles, perspective and strategy.

Game interactions are a metaphor for the mechanics of childhood trauma. They demonstrate both the power (and corruptibility) of positions of control, as well as the dependence of mental health on compassionate relationships.