Client: KRAK XR
Role: Co-Producer
When: 2020

With Creative Director, developed curriculum, curated team, generated funding for this interactive, multi-platform training toolkit for artists.

A-site’s hands-on workshops and interactive toolkit series introduce mobile augmented reality and AI as essential contemporary tools in the presentation and dissemination of artwork, and an accessible archive bridging past and future.

“Big tech” offers ubiquitous, accessible tools that abet digital access – but at costs in areas of autonomy, ethics, and finances - for artist, curator, and public. Do we really want a global conglomerate gatekeeper? Artists and artist-run institutions need their own tools, access, and knowledge to fully benefit from the implementation of AR and AI technologies. The A-site workshop and digital toolkit series put knowledge directly into the hands of artists.

Cutting-edge, custom AR and AI workshops for independent artists and small to mid-range arts organizations: introducing low-cost and free, open-source tools for the presentation and dissemination of multi-disciplinary artistic work.

AR or augmented reality technology creates opportunities around inclusivity, mobility, way-finding, and decision-making — both individual and collaborative. AI needs more input from artists. We explore AI as a co-creator and co-creator. Write with GPT-2, auto-generate music lyrics, compose music, or transform your voice into a violin.

Workshops are targeted to artists, curators, and arts presenters across a full range of disciplines. Topics explore tensions between open-source and models and proprietary concerns, creative constraints and augmentations of AI, and exhibition space-making possibilities of AR.