Role: Project Development

Client: KRAK XR, Myseum of Toronto et al.

Team: Karen Vanderborght et al.

Partners: Mammalian Diving Collective, Mandy Lam, Workman Arts, Cara Spooner, Tangled Art + Disability, et al.


Nuville is a real world augmented audio game that turns your urban walk into a sci-fi adventure. Guided by audio instructions, players perform whimsical urban interventions which they record and share via accessible social media platforms. Nuville’s story and AR experience are a continuous collaboration between humans and AI technology.

A “Gesamtkunstwerk” encompassing interactive performance, open AI, and urban design, the multiplayer sci-fi story is a casual XR game. Its creation, and first realizations, include collaborations with performance and parkour artists, sound artists, and a range of creative communities with unique urban perspectives.

Nuville’s dystopian technocratic narrative is inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's nouvelle vague classic Alphaville and the manga series Blame by Tsutomu Nihei. Interactions are inspired by books by Alain De Botton (Architecture of Happiness), cultural theorist Paul Virillio (City of Panic) and architect Pierre Thibault (Et si la beauté rendait heureux).

#xr #game #xraudio #ar #ai #urban #city #scifi #parkour #interdisciplinary #newmedia #art #publicart