A More Beautiful Journey


Role: Co-creator, Creative Producer

Project: A More Beautiful Journey

Client: Intersection Festival, City of Toronto

Partners: TTC, ArtworksxTO The Music Gallery, Regent Park School of Music, Council Fire, The Daniels Corporation, Taxi Agency, City of Toronto, Intersection Festival, Taxi Agency, Soundways, Collectif MU, The Daniels Corporation, The Music Gallery, The Remix Project, Regent Park School of Music, Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, SKETCH, Arts Etobicoke, RISE, Long Winter, Canadian Music Centre, Ableton

Team: Dan Werb, Joseph Shabason, David Dacks, Sanjeet Takhar, Jerry Pergolesi, Tad Michalak, et al.

Description:  An historic XR (extended reality) audio installation to transform Toronto public transit, in honour of the centennial anniversary of the TTC

Through a web-based mobile app, riders experience an eclectic mix of site-specific ambient songs, soundscapes, and scores for over 25 discrete stretches of TTC line -- written by musicians from, and for, neighbourhoods spanning the breadth of the public transit grid. These sounds can be experienced through a web-based mobile app.  Musical excerpts unfold generatively for listeners travelling across streetcar or bus routes. AMBJ offers new modes of encounter with our urban geography: simultaneously public and private, intimate and communal, and accessible to millions of daily riders across the TTC.

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